Single Frame Project: May | Indianapolis Family Photographer

Want to know the main difference I see this month when I look at the collection of photos from May’s Single Frame Project? I stepped outside of photographing JUST my children and my husband. My life and the life of my family don’t just revolve around each other. My daughter attends preschool, we visit my parents that live out of town, I have girls’ nights with my closest friends. Why not document those parts of our day, too? Don’t get me wrong, most of the images are still me and my children; they still take up most of the moments of my day and I think they’re kind of cute. But I did expand my subjects a bit. 🙂


5.21.17 A foggy morning at Meema and Grampy’s house

5.2.17 This is my view three days a week when I pick the kids up from daycare. I love it.

5.4.17 The girls are really into giving Howard treats. They know to make him sit and lay down first.

5.5.17 Superhero Coralie

5.3.17, 5.26.17 It’s amazing how much Eddie changes just in a month.

5.6.17 One baby stage I love- when they discover their hands and stare at them in amazement.

5.30.17 Somehow all this mess was perfectly color-coordinated and I loved it!

5.22.17 Girls night! Friends since 1997.

5.1.17 The girls marched back and forth in the rain over and over and over and over.

5.10.17 Running around the front yard.

5.14.17  Happy Mother’s Day to me!

5.20.17 Helping out Grampy in the garage.

5.21.17 One of the few times I’ve included two photos from the same day (it’s a Single Frame Project, attempting to snap one photo a day rather than overshooting), but this foggy morning was too beautiful to pass up!

5.25.17 Matilda’s last day of her first year of preschool- we were so lucky that her three teachers this year were already friends of mine!

5.26.17 You never know what you’ll see around the house.

May Portraits: (L to R) Coralie (2 years, 10 months), Eddie (4 months), Matilda (3 years, 9 months)

5.13.17 Our little guy.

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