Single Frame Project: January | Indianapolis Family Photographer

Documenting the every-day every single day is a daunting task. So when I read about another photographer who completed a Single Frame Project last year, I thought, now I could do THAT. The idea is to snap a single frame, one click, each day, and no more. One click and it’s over, family documentary task done for the day. Time-wise it makes it easier, less stressful than lugging around a camera all day and feeling like I need to photograph all our happenings all day long. But it also makes me stop and think, plan each photograph a little more. I only get one frame. One frame to make an image that makes me remember sights, sounds, and feelings. Some days were better than others. So even though I have one photograph for each day, I only included the images for this first month’s blog post that I really liked. I did make it the entire month without missing a single day. That, in and of itself, is a huge win in my book!

1.27.17 A few quiet moments with our new baby boy, Eddie.

12.28.16 Play date morning with Mac Stuteville.

12.29.16 Much needed haircuts for my girls today at Salon 6.

1.1.17 New Year’s Day. The girls’ first visit to the Cinder Sniffers, a club for miniature train hobbyists.

1.3.17 Rainy days and new princess umbrellas.

1.6.17 One of the last photos of me holding my baby before she wasn’t the baby any longer.

1.8.17 Just running around the house.

1.9.17 Just running around Rivi waiting for music class to start.

1.22.17 At the new Tarkington Park.

1.23.17 Quiet moments with Matilda after nap.

1.16.17 January portraits.

1.25.17 The birth of our new baby boy! Edward Timothy Strohl.

1.26.17 All visitors and family were gone and it was just Eddie and me for a few hours.

1.28.17 Eddie’s second night home.

1.29.17 Sound asleep and waiting for me to finish getting dressed for the day.

1.30.17 Late evenings just before we all head upstairs for the night.

1.4.17 Probably one of my favorite photographs of Coralie to date. Before Eddie came and we had the crib all set up, one of the girls often had to sleep in the extra bed in his room. Otherwise nap time became playtime with the girls in a room together and no one ever fell asleep. This is right after she woke up. Her two fingers still up from having them in her mouth while she slept.

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