Single Frame Project: February | Indianapolis Family Photographer

The goal of photographing your life in an intentional way every single day is a lofty one. I’m proud (and surprised, to be honest) to say that I’ve made it two whole months and haven’t lost steam yet. Well, there are two days of February that are unaccounted for. I know I photographed my family those two days, but I can’t seem to locate the photos. I’m thinking they’re lost somewhere on my computer. I just need to locate them. But the point is, I know I stuck to the plan those days. 🙂


2.6.17 I wish I could have asked Coralie to move a tad bit to her right here. But she’s two. And it’s a beautiful picture anyway, I think.


2.4.17 I’ve always loved my Grandma Carol’s hands. She would probably say I’m silly, but I love their cool, soft feel.

2.9.17 Our first kid, Howard.

2.22.17 Impromptu stop at the park on an abnormally warm February day!

2.15.17 February portraits. Coralie- left. Matilda-right.

2.3.17 Burning off some energy with Daddy.

2.17.17 This is where Dr. Kugar, the girls’ dentist, is telling them why it’s important to stop sucking thumbs and fingers. They were pretty much looking at her like she had three heads.

2.21.17 Can anyone relate? Checking your phone is the last item on the to-do list before bed. Sadly.

2.13.17 The girls love coming in to wake up Eddie in the mornings.

2.26.17 Jumping on your parents’ bed- is there anything better?

2.18.17 A lazy and happy Saturday afternoon spent at home.

2.20.17 While on maternity leave, there should be nothing on the schedule except taking care of that little baby.

I am hoping to keep up with the project through the next month, too. Wish me luck!

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