Molly, 48 hours old

February 2, 2016

She may not know it yet, but Molly David here has really been blessed to have joined such a sweet family. Her dad dotes on her mom, I’ve watched her mom dote on her older brother for two years now, and in the short time I spent at the hospital with them, I must have seen her two-year-old brother, Milo, reach up to kiss or touch her at least a half dozen times. She’s lucky to have been born into such a loving family.

Thank you, Katrina, for asking me to come shoot this Fresh 48 session!

One of my favorite photos I took of my own daughter in the hospital is a close up of a big ol’ yawn. I try to capture a similar shot for clients if I can. Being born is exhausting!


Just enjoying the outside light while big brother plays with the new toy that she “gave” him when they met. I know lots of families have the new baby give a gift to an older sibling, but this is the first time I’d seen it in action. It worked like a charm!


Wrapped up nice and snug while snoozing in Daddy’s hands.


Molly David with her father, David. I love that her middle name is his name.


What else is there to do during those 48 hours in the hospital other than rest, heal, and admire those little newborn features?


Like I said earlier, loving family indeed!


A specific request by mom- a tasteful skin-to-skin shot. I love that Molly is so peaceful and content and Milo is so interested in what’s going on.


Speaking of newborn features earlier, look at that teeny tiny clutch.


Molly’s mom specifically pointed out just how wrinkly Molly’s little feet were! I had to photograph them so that she wouldn’t forget any detail of her daughter as a newborn.


I believe Molly is about 20 days old now as I’m writing this blog post. According to tradition, she’ll have a big celebration when she’s 100 days old. I look forward to seeing how she’s changed when that milestone comes around!

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