The Wolma Family ~ Wildflowers Workshop

If there’s ever been a mother who’s a devoted, angel-like presence in her children’s lives, Jamie seemed to be her. Her smile was able to put everyone at ease and her big, hopeful eyes and wide smile had an obvious pull on her family and the trove of women photographers surrounding the shoot. It was a pleasure to photograph Jamie and her family of three (soon to be four!) children at this summer’s Wildflowers Workshop.

The Clark Family ~ Wildflowers Workshop

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I was fortunate enough to attend a Wildflowers Workshop with a group of inspiring women photographers this summer. Kelsey was not only assisting throughout the workshop, she also allowed us to photograph her family at sunrise on our last morning together. Kelsey, her husband, and her children were delightful- happy attitudes, giddy to be spending the morning together, and laid-back all at the same time.

Wildflowers Workshop

A few years ago I had hoped to attend one of Joy Prouty’s Wildflowers Workshops when she hosted a group of women photographers at her home in Washington state. In the end I had to decide that it wasn’t in the cards for that year. I hoped, I knew, that one day I would be able to join her and learn alongside her. Imagine my surprise when Joy announced that she would host one workshop this summer during her family’s Midwest road trip and she would do so during her stop in INDIANAPOLIS. Deciding it was certainly fate and a sign telling me that the time was right in my photography career and personal life, I snagged a spot in the workshop.

I arrived at the cabin nervous, intimidated, excited, and hopeful all at the same time! I spent three days with a wonderful group of inspiring women. We lived under the same roof, shared our meals, shared our personal stories, and breathed encouragement into each other. I came away feeling refreshed, renewed, and INSPIRED. I found a group of women that share the same passion and love I have for photographing families at their most natural and loving. I’m encouraged to breathe new life into my sessions and hopefully inspire the new families I meet!


{Above four photos taken by Azra Images}


{Above three photos taken by Patti Ott}