Baby Greta Is Here

February 5th, 2016

I met Greta and her parents at their house near downtown Indianapolis on a sunny Friday a few weeks ago. Whenever a client schedules a newborn lifestyle session, I send them a decent-sized list of things they can do at home before I arrive to prepare for the session. These are all things that will help the session go smoothly, be stress-free, and give us a greater chance of more images and more of a variety of images. I always end the list by saying that I KNOW how difficult it is to have a newborn baby (especially the first, in my opinion), so I’ll prioritize a few items on the list and then tell them to do what they can. Well, Greta’s parents must be rule-followers because they had everything taken care of, and the session was laid back and went swimmingly.

The light coming in through the windows in their old historic home was heavenly and exactly what I hoped for when planning for calm, neutral-colored images. And there is nothing better ever in life than resting your head on your mother’s chest.


Resting your head on Daddy’s chest isn’t so bad either.


I forget what age it is when babies naturally stop closing their hands in tight little fists all day and night. That’s a tiny little detail about a sleeping newborn that I like to have a memory of…


Another angle. Look at that light-filled room!


And one more angle. Greta really was sleepy almost the entire time. So content to just snooze the day away in her new home.


Chris, Katie, and Greta as a new family of three.


Chris and Katie were both so calm and laid back the entire time. We should all hope to take things in stride as much as they did. This may have been the one time during the session that Greta fussed at all, but no big deal. These two stayed relaxed.


Tiny Greta feet.


I’m looking forward to three more newborn lifestyle sessions on the calendar for the coming months! Be on the lookout for more upcoming blog posts!

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